Incorrect Doctrine


Jehovah’s Witnesses believe as truth what comes from the Watchtower Society today – current truth. Yet did not Watchtower followers believe the greatly different teachings of Russell, teachings still accepted by Bible Students? When Rutherford overturned many of these beliefs, did not people then think Rutherford’s teachings were the truth? It is readily apparent that just because a group of people strongly believe something to be true does not make it so.

If you have read all the changed doctrines listed on this site, you will be aware of enough change to know that the Governing Body does not have Holy Spirit directing their interpretations. Jehovah has not presented through the Watchtower Society an accurate and unified body of Truth. The resultant implication of this is very important – current doctrines are equally likely to be incorrect.

There are two ways that a religion develops its doctrines – eisegesis and exegesis. Eisegesis is where scriptures are found to support a pre-existing belief, resulting in inaccurate doctrine and the possibility of any number of interpretations.

Once you are aware that you can question what appears in the Watchtower, it becomes readily apparent that much of the doctrine is wrong, and has been arrived at through Eisegesis. This section contains a number of articles that show in simple terms why much of current Watchtower doctrine is wrong.