Topics of Interest

Many opinions I held as a Witness regarding doctrine, life and other people were wrong. This was due to an upbringing filled predominantly with information provided by the Watchtower. With the Watchtower leaders claiming to be dispensing information from God, a Witness child’s critical thinking skills are bypassed, and they accept Watchtower statements as truth.

This section contains a variety of Watchtower related topics of interest that are not related to doctrine. Some of the topics cover common misconceptions held by Witnesses, such as that they are the only group not participating in war. These incorrect ideas are propagated by inaccurate information supplied in Watchtower publications.

Of critical importance is the topic on mind control. This article uncovers techniques used by the Watchtower to make inaccurate ideas and statements appear to be correct, and lead to Witnesses being convinced that they alone know truth. It explains why it is so hard for a devoted Witness to understand why what they believe is wrong and why they find it difficult to leave.

Once you are aware of how the Watchtower works, you will no doubt be interested in the information at Helping Someone Leave, so as to know topics and techniques to use to assist a person realise the Watchtower does not teach truth.