Please answer questions as pertaining to your standing today. Only answer the questions that are relevant to your current situation.

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If you are a former JW, at what age did you leave?

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If you are a former JW, what was the INITIAL trigger that prompted you to leave?

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If you are a former JW, did you?

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If you have been disfellowshipped, what was it for?

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If you are inactive/faded but not disfellowshipped, are you treated as if you were disfellowshipped?

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Do you think Watchtower doctrine is closest to the truth?

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As a JW, how did you feel about shunning?

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If you are a Former JW, what is your current belief?

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32 thoughts on “Polls

  1. Reason I am here: I have never been a JW or had any family who are involved, but a 20 yr old friend of mine was being sucked in about 5 years ago, and I turned to the internet for help as I could see it was tearing her away from her family and making her severely depressed. Paul from JW Facts gave me some good advice and pointed me to JWN. The members there gave me more help and I met up with someone who was an expert in helping JWs see the reality, and eventually against the odds, my young friend saw the light left the JWs just before baptism. I have always been grateful for this.

    Although as a Humanist I am not religious at all, I have become fascinated by this strange world of JWs and ex JWs, and within the latter, the eternal disagreements between theists and atheists etc. I now read daily about JW issues and spread counter-propaganda to friends an the local community wherever I can. I have learnt so much that I feel I am an ‘honorary’ apostate. I’ve even attended two apostafests!!

    When the JWs came to the door I invited them in, but some of my questions made them uncomfortable and although we set a date and time for a return visit, they didnt come back as I think they guessed I was connnected to the young girl they had recently lost from their congregation.

    So not that my input here is of any use at all, I just wanted to show my support for all the work you guys put in. Thank you.

    • Steve, I have added a new question on whether former JW’s faded, DA or DF. I have also added the option off fading after doubting.

  2. Thank you for your website. It is extremely helpful for those of us who have left or are thinking of leaving the organization. Makes us feel we are not alone. No one but an exjw or a jw can understand us, We are just too weird for the world in general to understand how we could believe the things we believed and spent our live endorsing and preaching.

    • If you’re on your way out you are NOT alone. According to J. R. Brown, who speaks for the WTBTS’ public information office Jehovah’s Witnesses disfellowship “between 50,000 and 70,000 people each year” [PER YEAR!] He added “About half come back”. (BTW, This particular quote was made to the press in response to inquiries about pedophiles among the Witnesses.)

      One of The Pew Religious Landscape Surveys noted that “six out of every 10 children raised as JW leave when they become adults”.

      This made me rethink the Apostle Paul’s comment about his own apostacy: ‘When I was a child I thought like one, but when I became an adult I left those childish things behind’.

  3. I was never disfellowshipped.

    I left in 1979 because I was having what I can best describe as a nervous collapse. I was not happy in my JW marriage, I realized that I had been a better person before becoming a JW, and I wanted to further my education and live as an adult.

  4. Please allow more than one selection under “Why did you leave?”. Also, please add other options under “Why Were You Disfellowshipped?”, such as Faded, Disassociated, Inactive, Nominally In but Mentally Out, etc.. You might also wish to add a question something to the effect of “If you are inactive or disassociated but not disfellowshipped, do former friends and relatives treat you as if you were actually disfellowshipped?”. That might yield some interesting data.

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I have changed the question to If you are disfellowshipped/disassociated, what was it for?, so that poll is specifically for da/df people only. I will add the poll on if faders are treated as disfellowshipped, as it will be interesting to see the response.

      • Thank you Timothy for sharing that insrpiing testimony! You have come a long way in your spiritual journey, and I hope you continue to search and share what you discover 🙂 You’re an inspiration to me!

  5. I am anointed, and the elders could never accept it. It took them twenty years to finally harass me out of the organization. I am not the only one.
    For twenty years I averaged over 100 hours a month in field service, to find out that most of it was never recorded. I could never understand why I would get bible studies, but they would quit before baptism. There were three elders who would pay them a visit. After that they would not answer their doors. I had no idea, until after I was DF. I appreciate your postings of statistics, as I am case in point, they are only and estimate, not exact. Isn’t it a shame that the number DF is a large as a city population? How many congregations of 100 would that make up? Jesus has to be very angry right now. He came to find “the lost sheep of Israel” not the other religions. His own people under his father’s name. What should be the focus now? Not bringing more sheep in, but caring for the ones already in. All of this is due to bad and lazy shepherds. Ezekiel 34:

  6. I love the work you do Paul and I frequently send people to Jwfacts. I would have liked to choose more than one reason for leaving. It took a big issue to shock me into analyzing my life but in truth many things contributed to my rapid freedom of thought and evolution of my thinking.

    • Thanks Karen. On that poll I was looking for what the primary reason is. However I will look at creating another poll with multiple choice options. Feel free to list all the reasons in a comment so that I create a poll that covers all the possible options.

  7. Hi Paul,
    Thanks alot for all the work you do. ..
    I love this kind of poll, …I’m one of the many JWs who are ‘active ‘ ,feel trapped but are mentally out. ..I hope you can in time have some questions for us. ..it’s one of our few ways of expressing our dissatisfaction and desire for freedom from WBTS.

  8. I don’t have a primary reason, I have a primary trigger that forced me to investigate. On investigation the things that affected me the most were the hypocrisy, the lack of love and the doctrine. I have of course discovered a huge under belly in the organisation and Pandora’s box keeps revealing more and more. My trigger was the shunning issue, in my mind this covers hypocrisy, doctrine and lack of love. I quickly realised that many inconsistencies were buried in my sub-conscience and these surfaced so rapidly it scared me.

    • Karen, I appreciate the word trigger, and have added to the poll’s title. Thinking back, shunning was the first thing that really stumbled me about Watchtower doctrine. It deserves a poll of it own.

  9. Perhaps reword the question ‘If you are disfellowshipped/disassociated, what was it for?’. You might get a confusing amount of people choosing ‘other’ while you have disfellowshipped and disassociated together like that. For example, I disassociated myself for doctrinal reasons so chose ‘other’. Someone else I know disassociated after simply burning out. Another was convinced she couldn’t be good enough to survive Armageddon so why slog for nothing. I’d suggest making two separate questions.

    Stick at it Paul. Your work helped save my sanity AND my faith.

    • Thanks for your comments Polly. I am glad the site helped.

      It is interesting what you say about people that disassociate, so have changed the poll just for people disfellowshipped. There is a poll, “If you are a former JW …” that will then be relevant to people that disassociated.

  10. Thanks Paul for your wonderful site! The process of leaving the faith mentally for me was long and gradual — over about 10 years. The actual break was sudden and dramatic, literally out in service in the morning and leaving in the afternoon.

    Information from your site help me formulate my response 2 1/2 years after I left when elders showed concern about my decison to openly celebrate Christmas. I chose the direct and honest approach, yet refused to disassocate myself. Although the end result was a decsion to “disassocate by action” the course undertaken by the elders clearly showed their fear, since they acted without informing me, then were evasive when I tried to follow up on disfellowshipping rumors.


  11. I chose ‘doctrinal’ as the reason I left, but it was really because of discovering the evidence for evolution, the impossibility of a worldwide flood, and other science-based issues. Since JW doctrine is anti-science, ‘doctrinal’re best food, but I’d like to see a more specific option.

  12. I believed we Jehovah’s Witnesses had the truth until I went to the Elders regarding a sin. I hoped for restoration. But in what became full blown Judicial hearings I learned different.

    1. I was told, immediately upon confessing, “Don’t think your confession counts for anything. The holy spirit forced you do it.” (So much for a contrite heart.)

    2. I thought shepherds were to help the flock but soon found that wasn’t so. They told me their job was to “Keep the Organization clean”. (No wonder so many are kicked out.)

    3. I was not allowed to present witnesses on my behalf as “this would spread gossip”. But fouhd they themselves were asking others in the congregation about my alleged activities which naturally resulted in a lot more gossip.

    4. One of those judges, in an apparent attempt to protect his own daughter from the consequences of her sin falsely accused me who he knew was soon going to be killed at Armageddon anyhow, of it.

    5. When I demanded my Constitutional right to confront those who the Judicial Committee said had ‘reported’ me I was told “This is not a court and you have no rights here”. [Now THAT was the truth!]

    6. A few months prior to all this the Watchtower ran an article about the terrible treatment of a brother incarcerated in Communist China. One of the terrible things it reported that the Chinese did to him was not allow him to know what he was charged with. That was exactly the way the Judicial Committee conducted their hearings!

    7. When I asked for the names of those they said accused me I was told “We won’t tell you in order to protect them”. [My life everlasting was at stake and they protect gossips? (Even Jezebel’s court made witnesses appear in person.)

    A year later I was reinstated. But as I sat in my old Hall I realized I no longer cared to be close to any of those I once called ‘friends’. The had shunned me and never even asked what I had done or how I was doing. I knew I could never tell them what I had been through. They wouldn’t believed it if I had. There was nothing left to say. As for faith in the Organization, I couldn’t trust anything from the platform. That night, when the door closed behind me I recognized I had been set free by the truth. And the truth was they were False Witnesses. To this day decades later I still count having been disfellowshipped by Jehovah’s Witnesses, as one of God’s greatest gifts.

    • I am sorry to read what you have had to go through. I have known many people that have come to the realisation that it is not the truth after going through a judicial committee. The whole process of disfellowshipping deviates greatly from what is presented in the Bible.

  13. I don’t feel that fading described what I did. I left one day, no meetings at all, no weddings, funerals, assemblies or conventions, no “memorial.” I did not want to play the DA or DF game with them.

  14. Hello and Christian greetings to all.I wonder if you can understand that many people become Jehovah’s witnesses because of the ” orthadox churches ” When i became a born again Christian I had so many problems re these churches.I am now a Bible student.My faith is in the ransom sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.I am not a Jehovah’s witness.God bless you all. phil

  15. Didn’t realize I had already taken the poll, but I am so glad I have left the BORG and that we, xjws, have a place such as this to have our say about the borg,

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